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Our Interior Design experts will help you redesign/decorate your home or commercial space. Whether you are focusing on one room at a time or a whole house make-over, we have a a package and plan of action to meet your needs.

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Deciding how to style your room or house can seem like a hassle, especially when you want to stay current with the trends. Most people struggle with finding their personal style because they haven’t explored their likes and dislikes and don’t know where to begin.

A beautifully designed home is a dream come true for most people, but it requires a lot of time and effort to accomplish. If you find browsing through countless design and style ideas overwhelming, we’re here to help you get started.

Breathe new life into your space with these styling ideas, and fall in love with your home again!

Interior Design Styles

Interior décor is defined by lighting, accessories, and furniture placed in a space. Take note of which style and elements you think match your preference, and list everything you like to create a personalized guide.

Doing proper research can make your life easier if you are styling home yourself or availing services from a home styling company in Houston. The three popular styling options include:

1. Traditional Styling

Traditional is a well-known home styling option incorporating rich design elements popular throughout the years. The traditional style reflects elegance and comfort, where homeowners can go for timeless pieces without making the place look overly fancy.

From colors to furniture shapes and lighting, the elements included in a traditionally designed home will exude a sense of lushness and nostalgia. Here’s what you need for a traditionally styled home!

Color Palette

The traditional color palette consists of paint colors such as grays and beiges, along with light blues, yellow, and green.

Furniture Placement

Traditional home space is all about rich wood tones for all kinds of furniture pieces in the living room, dining room, bedroom, and cabinets in the kitchen. Rich wood tones include walnut, mahogany, oak, and walnut. These tones add coziness and warmth.

Ornate detailing, curvatures, and rich wood tones add a traditional look. In addition, using lustrous accents is an important element for traditional styling. You can place exotic rugs which will enhance the wood flooring.


Considering your preference and the climate, having a fireplace can never go wrong. Mirrors with traditional frames and ornate detailing can add a traditional touch to your space.

You can place candlesticks on a mantel or framed artwork of landscapes and animals. Or, you can simply order an unframed print and spray paint to give it an antique look and add a picture of your own liking. If you are looking for more ideas to accessorize your home traditionally, a home styling company in Houston can provide you with the best advice.


You can use a chandelier in your living room or use a chain suspension light. Art deco lighting or classical lighting can work well with your traditional furnishing and accessories. Home styling company in Houston can provide assistance if you struggle in deciding which color palette you should choose.

2. Modern Styling

Modern styling is a style with a monochromatic color palette. Clean lines, minimal accessories, natural materials, and natural light characterize this style. The whole concept of modern styling is less is more.

Homes with reflective surfaces like chrome, steel, or glass with natural wood are perfect examples of modern styling. Home styling services in Houston provide one of the best modern styling ideas that will be perfect for your home.

If you prefer a modern-styled home, here is what you need to do.

Color Palette

Natural tones and textures are used to draw focus to the architectural element. Modern color palettes include muted paint tones such as white or gray.


Fresh air and natural lights are essential features of a modern space. One of the main characteristics of modern home styling is the use of unadorned, large windows.

Natural sunlight will make your home glow and fill its warmth. You can use sliding and French doors that allow the light to pass into your home. You can adjust the lighting by choosing appropriate blinds.

The lighting in modern styling could be both geometric and organic. Unlike traditional and transitional styling, materials have no ornamentation or transitions. The lighting is with a clean aesthetic and is functional.


Choose minimal furniture pieces with natural fabrics in different textures or leather fabrics. Avoid using ornate furniture and pick pieces with simple designs. You can go for squared-edge chairs and sofas with angular details. This type of furniture will give a strong personality to the overall space.

Using natural wood furniture will add a vibrant spirit to your home space and make it more special.

Accessories (type of accessory)

Modern spaces are free from clutter and unnecessary accessories. This type of home styling prioritizes functionality over aesthetic value. Using minimum accessories, including open corner racks, 3D wall art, or hollow cube tables, can add a

Flooring (top pick)

Floorings, including concrete floors, tiles, wooden floors, and 3D floors, can work well for the modern look. You can go green using bamboo and cork floors which are cheaper than hardwood and are comfortable and soothing to the eyes.

3. Transitional Styling

Transitional styling can be the right choice if you love modern elements, don’t want to compromise on comfort, and want to give the space a classic welcoming look. It is a fusion of traditional and modern styles. It is a classic design with a modern intake.

Transitional interiors include neutral color palettes, natural materials, textiles, functional furnishings, and minimal accessories. A blend of feminine and masculine styles gives your home balanced luxury and comfort.

Color Palette

Design your house in tan, white, beige, and gray shades. These shades will make your space feel soothing and peaceful. Neutral wall colors allow a perfect backdrop for furniture, artwork, and statement pieces. The serene color palettes allow the home styling company in Houston to focus on layering and textures.


Accessorize your home with something that tells a story. The goal is to use minimal but meaningful pieces. Hanging a meaningful artwork with a silver frame can add a subtle look to your room.

Think area rugs, plants, or decorative pillows will also enhance the overall look of your room. You can add some metallic pieces. Bring in an antique coffee table or sofa with clean lines. Antique coffee tables can represent a traditional look, and sofas with clean lines will give your house a modern look.


Starting with the hard surface base, you can choose hardwood, laminate, LVP, or engineered flooring. You can go for oak or hickory wood. Light hardwood or neutral tiles are a popular transitional style choice too.

Using patterned area rugs or textured area rugs that is the same color over any hard surface can enhance the visual interest. If you need assistance in selecting flooring for your transitional rooms, you can get in touch with Home styling services in Houston.


Your space should be welcoming and comfortable. Use furnishings with simple textures and muted colors.

Whether you choose modern or traditional furniture, make sure they are comfortable. Fabrics with velvety and luxurious structures work well and create a polished yet warm appeal.

You can add texture through area rugs and window treatment to give your room a visual appeal. Styled and Staged home styling services in Houston can guide you in deciding the type of furniture that can fit your modern space.

In addition, it also provides E-design services. You can design your home and interact with the designer virtually and at your convenience.


Modern lighting is a perfect combination for transitional spaces. It will allow you to add contemporary styling and a funky look to your home.

You can choose post lamps, outdoor ceiling lights, LED lights, holiday lighting, and wall lighting for your space. If you want to use traditional lighting, keep it minimum and balance it with contemporary accents.

Styling by Styled and Staged Spaces

Styled and Staged Spaces can offer you further assistance with your home styling preferences. You can turn your dream house into a reality with us.

We offer quality home styling services in Houston, including staging, design and redesign, interior renovation design, and much more.

We understand your needs and make your property appealing. We are experts in making your dreams come true and take a holistic approach to optimize every space for its greatest appeal potential.