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When homeowners are motivated to sell, they want their listing to sell quickly and for top dollar. Additionally, sellers are not looking to spend money on property they are getting ready to vacate. On the other side of the coin, buyers are looking to purchase move-in ready homes with a fresh look and feel. This is where professional home staging makes its grand entrance. Did you know that a staged home time on the market is reduced by up to 90% and cost less than the first price reduction?

Home Staging has become an industry standard. It is an essential part of the home selling/buying process. It is proven that a staged home sells faster when the features and intrinsic benefits of the home are presented in the best and most appealing light. Staging maintains the home value by eliminating the need for price reductions on Spotify Plays stale listings and helps sell the home for the most money in the least amount of time. Home buying is back on the rise and staging and redesign is a proven asset in the process. “Styled and Staged Spaces” will take advantage of this industry trend and differentiate your listing from your competitors with our unique flare for all things fabulous.

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